Alias Grim - Decapitated Faces

When Horror has no face the results are Grim.
Alias Grim combines two of the most talented, yet demented artists within it's realm, KGP and Bloodshot. With a combination of Horror, Crunk, and a Sick and twisted mentality, Nothing can stand in their way as they collect new faces of horror while keeping it crunk for the family that stands with them. Join Alias Grim and the rest of their Slaughterahs, as they take you through the life of murder, mayhem, and moshpits, and search for new faces to decapitate. Drink Some, Smoke. Released in 2014
Official Track Listing:
1. Live By the Saw
2. Misconduct
3. Grim (feat. Smallz One)
4. Pain of War
5. Fiend
6. Decapitated Faces
7. Basement Replacements
8. Bashin Heads
9. Prey
10. Bust Back
11. F.uture O.f a F.oe
12. Back Off Me
13. Lawless
14. 4waystop (feat. Mr. Sche)
15. Direct Hit    
16. Trunk Full of Dead Cunts
17. Hope U Die
18. Chop They Head Off


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