KGP - Necrology

KGP presents to you, One of the most Classick, rarest, and most requested release in horrorcore/Wicked Rap. Pure Evil. Not for the Weak minds.. This ReVamped edition of KGP's original Necrology, First released in 1997 at the Sunday Mass Show featuring KGP, House of Krazees, Eminem, and more.. Sold out in only a few days. Necrology has been remastered for the masses!  This CD is a classick and goes down in history as one of the most wicked rap cd's ever released.
Official Track Listing:
1. Possessed
2. Pray
4. Mr Crackhead
5. In This Hell
6. Unnatural Death
7. Bloody Night
8. Jealous Itch
9. Flipside
10. Rats
11. Wicked Ass Sex
12. Dead Mama
13. Hauntcha
14. Unnatural Born
15. Shuteye
16. God Hates Me
17. Going to Hell
18. No Love


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