KGP - Tha Ungod

Tha Ungod is one of the most recognized albums in Horrorcore/Wicked Rap. This cd is considered a "classick" release by almost everyone supporting the underground wicked Shit. The Ungod Cd is a follow up from the Classick Release Necrology *also Available*. This is a must have cd featuring Kapitol G (Kap), ONTO, BadMind, Insane Poetry, and Ghetto Devil.. Released 2002
Official Track Listing:
1. Tha Palace of Death
2. Ungod
3. Kill God's People
4. Thou Shall Now f/ Ghetto Devil
5. ConverSatan f/ Insane Poetry
6. Fuck Shit
7. Pray (J.C.C.S.M.D. mix)
8. Dead Messiah f/ BadMind
9. Scarz
10. Evil Mentality
11. Wutcharunninfo?
12. Under Tha FloorBoards
13. Six
14. Acidikrevelationz (Satan's Mix)
15. Religious Bitchez
16. Mass Suicide
17. Hellelujah


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