KGP - United Corpse of America

Kap has gone back to his roots of wicked shit and mayhem. May the mosh pits bring blood and the God's cringe for sanity. The baddest mutha fucka on the planet god damn it ... Released in 2012
Official Track Listing:
1.We Fight We Kill f. Bloodshot
2.Acid Reflux
3.Fuck it List
4.Everything f. Komatose
5.Network Vampire
6.Apostasy Cometh
7.Exile f. Stitch Mouth and Kannibalistik
8.Piss on the Enemy f. Smallz One
12.Cockroaches f. Psycho Jesus and F.E.T.U.S.
13.Killin Spree
14.Fall of America
15.Zombie Life
16.The End f. Defekt
17.They Want it
18.Subliminal Gangsta
19.Swarm (Mosh Mix) f. ClaAs


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