Forced Reup on CDs

Yesterday I Placed another order for more Forced Evil CD's to be made. They sold alot faster than I predicted, so hopefully I won't run out before the new shipment arrives. LOL watch... now I won't sell anymore cd's and I'll be stuck with a bunch of drink coasters. But either way.. HELL FUCK YEAH... it's YOU the people that made this possible! I've gained many new friends and fans in the past couple weeks.. and sold alot of cd's and Digital copies!!! And thats because your comments, shares, posts.. etc. So keep on spreading the word and convert all your friends into KGP fans! They said the wicked shit was a dying breed... I beg to differ! Thank you! And if you haven't got your hard copy yet, head on over to the KapisEvil Store and get one today! Thanks for your undying support! ~Kap
Image credit: Nick Cash (KGP Fan Representin his purchase!)


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